photo of Erik Thorelli looking smart
Erik Thorelli

Location: San Francisco | Last updated: 2018.06.05


"It took me a long time to realize I took the value of good design for granted. I've been trying to catch up ever since."

Some Software Co. Challenge

Logo of a generic Some Software Company Coding Evaluation

This was the product of a take-home design+coding challenge. The design was free-form, with the requirements that:

  • *All CSS and JS needs to be inline, in one HTML file*
  • A multi color SVG graphic saying: 'Some Software Co. Coding Evaluation'
  • On viewports < 600px, the SVG is top left aligned.
  • On viewports > 600px, the SVG is horizontal and vertically centered in the middle of the page.
  • A paragraph about page design and how I approach it

To read about the coding requirements, check out the project on my CODE page.

BioNote Alpha Prototype

Perspective angle of the bionote alpha prototype mobile app on a green iPhone SE

This was a design project for the mobile prototype of the BioNote alpha. The app allows users to log photos of species they saw and collaboratively identify the species with the help of the community. I designed the initial mobile and web apps before we brought in dedicated designers to the startup.

Biobo Chatbot

screenshot of biobo messenger chatbot app

This was a single-day hackathon project to make a chatbot that used BioNote services to log and identify a species through a conversational 'chatbot' experience.

Users could chat with "Biobo" over Facebook Messenger and ask basic questions about a species. Users could also send Biobo an image over chat and Biobo would automatically log the image as a post on the BioNote platform.

The bot would automatically pull location, date and other useful information for logging the species occurence from the image file. All while giving a super cheerful and helpful UX in a minimalistic conversational UI.

Sketch & Design Göteborg

There are many great digital design tools out there, but there is one that stands out as the strongest for User Interface design, and that's Sketch. It is easily learned, and the strong community of designers and developers have tooling for whatever you might want. It also plays nicely with others.

The point of creating the meetup was to bring together professional and hobbyist designers in the area to do talks with hands-on design activities. So many meetups have inspiring speakers and great people giving great advice, but we in the tech community in Göteborg were really craving more hands-on, jump right in kind of meetups.

If you are on the west coast of Sweden, be sure to check out a meetup!

Sketch & Design Göteborg Meetup -- [ Link]