photo of Erik Thorelli looking smart
Erik Thorelli

Location: San Francisco | Last updated: 2018.06.05


I made this portfolio site from scratch in vanilla web languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) without any third-party frameworks or templates. As web developers, we don't often get opportunities to write in these, since we are almost always utilizing libraries and frameworks. I am definitely not knocking that. Libraries and frameworks and modules are all great ways to avoid reinventing the wheel. That said, I wanted to explore building a good looking (hopefully 🙄) responsive site from scratch.

So, this site is all 100% from the ground-up mine. 100% Organic and Locally-sourced code. All the CSS-based designs and media queries for responsiveness are all mine. And all the vanilla JavaScript powering some of the fun little demos, too. The only exception being a Google Analytics tag, so that I can analyze traffic. (Rewriting this, too, is on my bucket list.)

About me

I am a JavaScript engineer and recovering startup CEO living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I worked in Europe and China over 5 years. I enjoy traveling to and exploring new places with only rough outlines for plans. I also enjoy creating music and cooking gourmet food.

You are welcome to check out my MUSIC, BLOG, CODE, and DESIGN work.

I also take opportunities to give talks on a broad range of topics in tech. You can check out some of my previous talks below:


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